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Concept of crowdfunding:

Crowd funding is a term that expresses a collective and collaborative process, based on trust and a network of relationships between individuals who collect funds and other resources together, often via the Internet with the aim of supporting efforts by individuals or other organizations.

The origins of cofinancing :
The idea began to appear on the horizon since 2008 and it would have changed the world, changing the rules of the financial game, and thus the BECAL financial support platform came as an outlet for innovators, and entrepreneurs. Because it firstly contributed to increasing their financial freedom, and secondly it freed them from the authority of investors and commercial banks. And do not forget that some projects would not have seen the light without this genius idea


Why crowdfunding:

The crowdfunding process is carried out with the aim of supporting many goals [1], including, for example, disaster relief operations, street journalism, support for artists who need support from fans, support for election campaigns, funding for startups, films, Small projects, or creating free programs

Simple Steps to Financial Freedom 



So who is Becal really

Join now to the most powerful Arab crowdfunding platform and make your dreams come true .

If you are looking for a new level of success and achievement in your life .. whether it is in your physical, financial life
Or mental, emotional, or spiritual ...
BECAL Academy has helped people excel beyond their self-imposed limits ... and succeed
After losing their jobs, the decline of their companies and their professional misfortunes ... and overcoming their toxic relationships and behaviors
Harmful emotional ... and finally the BECAL Academy platform will help you get the rewards you deserve from your lifestyle
Personal, professional and financial.
The company does not rely on a network marketing system, but rather a Crowdfunding system.

The company was established about a year and a half ago, and this company was not officially announced until after a very strong feasibility study.

Because Becal idea is completely different from all the ideas that preceded it since the spread of the idea on the world.


We invite you to join the BECAL Academy platform, the fastest, most reliable and most reliable way
• Move from where you are to where you want to get. What do you want to change in?
Your life? Remove it? Improve it? (Do you have a higher and better place to go in your life?
• Sovereignty through resistance and overcoming obstacles that hinder your progress. What makes you know what you should
Did it, but you don't?
(Achievement in ways they never thought possible)
Double your income and your leisure time. What is the use of money if you do not have the time to enjoy it?
You will get proven tips that provide you with both features (
• Master the basic rules for using your time effectively. Once you join the Academy
You will extract three times the amount of productivity every hour) 

• Create an exciting strategy to target maximum financial results. Know your financial situation and goals well
Accurate and track your progress with calm confidence (
• Use advanced vision building techniques to achieve faster and more positive results. ) If you suspect
You know what it means to build. ”
You will learn it by heart and use it with ease).
• Apply steps to participate and grow fully in an alliance that can move mountains - when used
The scheme you will learn (.
• Transferring any remaining negative convictions from the “I can't” solution to the “I can” solution. (This is not related
With positive thinking ”or“ positive affirmations ”- it is about building a fundamental transformation in the way you think
About life and we will bring you the latest technology to bring you an instant change of mind 

How does cofinancing with the BECAL Financial Support Platform help support your idea or startup

The fastest way to finance via the BECAL Financial Support platform

In record time, the participatory financing campaign will cover your company's private investment round in an easier way by building a matrix to collect donations and contributions faster than traditional financing methods.

Feasibility check

The BECAL Financial Support platform helps startups, small, medium and large enterprises to obtain brand ambassadors through investors and entrepreneurs where we publish information and act as marketers for your company after the investment process is completed.

Get brand ambassadors

The BECAL Financial Support platform helps startups, SMEs and large enterprises obtain brand ambassadors through investors and entrepreneurs where we publish information and act as marketers for your company after the investment process is completed.

Reach out to investors

By presenting the idea of ​​your project or startup company through the BECAL financial support platform, you will be able to reach thousands of investors and business leaders who are ready to invest and accelerate the investment pace by building the matrix through oral advertising

Investment opportunities

Now investors can take advantage of the opportunities through the platform. BECAL financial support and end the legal procedures through the platform, immediately ending the investment process 

Ongoing support

The BECAL financial support platform provides investors and entrepreneurs with the best continuous support that helps them get a great experience to obtain financing, investing in the right, easiest, most reliable and reliable way.



We have trained thousands of people around the world during the past years
Do you have a higher and better view of your life?
Do you know the secrets of turning a so-called “calamity” into a privilege?
Are there other achievements left in your life that you still aim for?
• Do you want a career or more accomplished workers?
Can your relationship be deeper, more fruitful, and meaningful?
• Would you like to enjoy the lifestyle, travel, holidays and entertainment that has been long
I dreamed of her?
If your answer is yes, then I want to motivate you to raise all your metrics and change style
Your livelihood ...

You may have heard of BECAL Academy ?

A global training company that trains administrators in major companies as well as trained private people
Both to be happier, more successful, and more fulfilled in their life.
And upgrading their professional lives, doubling their income, increasing their rest times and improving them
Their relationships and dissolving their stress in their good and bad times.


Best Solutions
For Your Business


Some of the trainings BECAL Academy will offer you.

Wherever you are at this moment. Whatever setbacks you experienced yourself or
Your family or even your company in the past. I want to see you reach maximum performance levels
And achievement.


Life message program. This simple program will help you clarify your true life purpose. When Clarify your true purpose in life, so the whole decision-making process will become easier. When Your goals are aligned with the true purpose of your life, and you will accomplish them easier and with less effort.


Vision Program. This process will help clarify your insights into the important areas of your life:
Professional, financial,relationships, health and fitness, entertainment, and personal (emotional and spiritual)
And give to the world. 


Set measurable goals. Research shows that vision alone is not enough. The vision must be divided
Into accurate, measurable goals. Research also shows that only 10% of people actually identify Themselves have clear, measurable goals. This is another huge reason why people don't achieve what
They totally want him in life.


Preparing a master plan accomplishing your vision. This process will help you prepare a schedule
For activities that will create movement and momentum towards the realization of all your dreams, you will have a resource that allows you to
Plan your tasks for 3 months which will create a blueprint for success that is easy to implement.


Cure phobia in five minutes. Success needs work, and the main obstacle to work is
the fear. This amazing process developed by Dr. Roger Callaghan, which can be applied on its own
Eliminate phobia or phobia in five minutes or less 99% each time.


Create the mental equivalent of what you want. Among the great discoveries of the past decade are the mountains from
Research that has emerged to scientifically demonstrate what is known as the 'Law of Attraction'.


Free the obstacles that stand in the way of your success. There will be some time dedicated to highlighting and editing
Self-imposed obstacles that can get in the way of fulfilling your truest desires.


Creating a “Dream Team” Mastermind
Alliance, This is a principle hailed by most financialists as the best teaching that
Help them reach that position, you will try to make a team of 6 people who will introduce you
Support in achieving the objectives even after the end of the workshop.


Programming (internal GPRS) Global Positioning Satellite
System) and harness the power of the “Innernet” to accelerate the fulfillment of your heart's desires
I heard about GPS systems installed in many cars these days. 

Get up and seize the true power of your life - do it now !
Dr. Rachad for years of proven transformative exercises, personal learning programs, and group exercises , In an amazing program of several days. From day one, we will define what you really want from your life. You may be surprised when You learn that it is different from what you think it is - on the surface. Once we reached that discovery ... and then, Layer after layer, we will work together to transform you into the person who can create, pursue, and advance those goals Confidently. You'll learn to let go of any limiting convictions that keep you from making the life you want. It will help you remove the illusions that may have been imposed on you by your current life experiences. It will also provide you With the tools to help you literally acquire anything you want for yourself with permission

Chances are you are ready to seize it, are you ready !?

Take part in the training now


Starting from 10,000

+Module BUSINESS. 
Life message program.
Vision Program.
Set measurable goals.
Master Plan.
Create the mental equivalent
of what you want.

Freeing the obstacles .
Creating a “Dream Team”
Global Positioning Satellite.

When you purchase a pack office to activate the membership, you benefit from an account and an online store that gives you an identification card for you and your project and the subscriber code through which you can register and hold new members and benefit from the funds.







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To provide every person and create the opportunity to create financial freedom while living a wonderful lifestyle.

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The official place of the company in Dubai :
Boulevard Plaza Tower 1 Poste de Travail, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd, Boulevard Plaza, Tower 1 Level 9, Dubai, Dubai

The place of the startup Becal Financial Freedom in Morocco :
Ibn Batouta MALL, Route Youssef Ben Tachfine, 90013, Tanger, 3éme étage



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